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Amy Vreeke is a comedian, actor, theatre maker, writer and women’s health advocate based in Greater Manchester. Amy’s “slick delivery” (North Westend) took her to several prestigious stand-up competition finals including The Leicester Square Theatre Comedy Awards and The Funny Women Awards. 


Amy’s “likably down to earth personality” (North Westend) and unique comic style immediately get audiences on her side, allowing her to talk about the most taboo topics with a charm and frankness that leaves “audiences splitting with laughter” (North Westend). 


Amy’s last show ‘The Year My Vagina Tried to Kill Me’, about her experience of the chronic disease endometriosis, had a sell-out run at Manchester’s SICK! Festival and successful northern tour. The show gained wide media attention after Amy created a short video for the BBC that reached over 100K viewers. 


As well as performing and writing herself, Amy also facilitates theatre and comedy workshops for a range of ages and abilities.

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