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Chronic pain christmas

Remember when I used to bang on about Endometriosis allllll the time? And then I got preggers and had a child and all that gave me a whole new bag of hormones and mental and physical health to adjust to. (And realise that also isn’t talked about or researched as much as it should be!) My Endo took a big back seat, which I was very happy about, but I’ve been saying that’s it’s creeping back in again.

Well, I think it’s done creeping, it’s in, and it’s stomping around.

The Christmas joy that’s been on my socials has totally been joyful but it’s also been sprinkled with quite a bit of pain. A few examples are; I left a Xmas meal with pals cos my stomach was so inflamed I couldn’t eat and went home and threw up. I’ve had to go home lie down in the middle of a day out due to feeling like someone shoved a smashed glass in my abdomen, today I’ve barely been able to move at all. This morning I thought I might end up in a&e… luckily though it’s settled enough for me to be genuinely worried my ovary might actually burst.

Bobby got upset because I couldn’t carry him to his bed for nap time. Luckily Steve’s off work, and I know it’s only a small thing but it’s made me realise, not only am I dealing with my Endo symptoms being back, I’m going to have to learn how to navigate it alongside motherhood.

I think I’m sharing this for a few reasons, 1) cos insta has a habit of making you feel like everyone but you is having the time of their lives (especially this time of year) but the truth is there’s always shit bits, and that’s fine. 2) pure venting and trying to work out my own feelings. And 3) TALKING ABOUT THIS STUFF IS IMPORTANT AND IM NOT GOING TO STOP DOING IT.

Todays way of navigating has been lying on the sofa and allowing Bobby to stick Mr Tumble to my face.

wishing everyone the best new year they can manage! Xxx

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