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I only work part time

Someone asked me ‘what I even do with my days’ if only ‘work’ part time. But be not even got a proper job, have I?

I thought I’d give today as an example for anyone else wondering what us lazy part time working mums (especially with creative jobs) do with our time.

My day started at 4am with a crying child that had shat himself and had a sky high temperature. I took him into my bed, gave him medicine and water and calmed him down enough for us both to be able to dose for a bit longer. He woke intermittently and wanted to sleep on top of me so not much dosing on my part. Then I got out of bed before he woke so I’d have a chance to shower before Steve went to work.

At about 8am I called nursery to say he couldn’t come in. I tried giving him a bit of breakfast and put some clean clothes on him, cleaning up shit during this. I changed our sheets and his sheets and got everything we needed for the day together. (We’re having our floors done so are at my brothers for the day.)

I got him settled on the sofa watching TV whilst I started working on a very long funding bid that needs submitting by the end of this week or I won’t have a job over summer. I answered emails and worked on budgets and marketing and outreach plans whilst making sure he was drinking, keeping an eye on his temp, cuddles and intermittently cleaning poo out of his potty. All with Mr. Fucking Tumble singing in my ear.

At one point he had a spurt of energy and pretended my laptop was a self scan machine and tried to scan his drink across my screen.

I got him to eat a yoghurt then cleaned more poo.

I ate myself, thanks to my brother making me lunch!

Took bobs temp, gave more medicine, more cuddles and then tried and failed to get him to nap.

I’m writing this (got to keep up that online presence!) as I’m on hold to the doctors and emailing the dentist and bobby is playing ‘climb up mummy.’

I’ll do a zoom meeting at 3 hoping he’s able to chill and not poo.

Then I’ll swap him with Steve, head to another meeting then go to assist a workshop/work on producing a community project.

I’ll get home about 8. He might be asleep then all I need to do is sort out the washing. If not it’ll be more poo clearing and trying to get him to sleep.

Just one example of one day. With some help.

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