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Summer holidays

Since getting back from our holiday* at the start of July Bobby has been ill a lot. Nursery has been closed a few times so we’ve spent way more time than usual stuck at home just the two of us and honestly at times it’s felt relentless. I’ve not had much time to focus on anything else.

The summer holidays are also extra hard because so many toddler groups stop running. Not having something to do with him everyday can drive me insane. I decided to use the time wisely though and potty train.

IT WAS NOT WISE ITS HORRENDOUS. I’ve lost my temper a lot and felt guilty and stressed and cried a lot. I think sometimes that feels harder cos you see so many people on social media seemingly gliding through motherhood, and articles about how shouting at your child makes you a terrible person. But my god it has to just be human to loose your temper when a toddler screams for the 9th time by 9am because they want the other banana and not the one you’ve already opened for them.

Sending summer holiday solidarity to all the mums. Let’s all meet up and scream into a pillow.

Here’s a pic of a nice moment of us watching the clouds in the back yard. It lasted 30 seconds before he cried because I wouldn’t let him lick a snail.

*holidays with toddlers are mostly not getting to relax but somewhere really hot and sandy with loads of open water you have to stop them falling in. Lovely though.

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