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Created by Brightlight and Brian Lobel.

As part of Contact Young Company, Amy performed and co-devised ‘There is a light: Brightlight’. A performance inspired by the findings of the national BRIGHTLIGHT research study, There Is A Light presents young patients' perspectives on specialist cancer care in England.

Directed by award-winning Adura Onashile, the show was developed in collaboration with Brian Lobel, BRIGHTLIGHT's researchers and youth board as well as teenagers with personal experience of cancer.

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Show Description

Brightlight have collaborated with Brian Lobel and the Contact Theatre Youth group in Manchester to interpret and create an improvisation of our study.
We held a series of workshops with the 23 young people who are part of the Contact Young Company (CYC). Local hospitals joined to help the CYC experience what it’s like to have cancer as a young person and to understand the services and care they receive currently in England. Four of the CYC actually had cancer so they shared their personal experiences with the CYC. 

There are currently no upcoming dates for this show.

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