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New Year, Lazier me.

2022 has been productive. I have written, performed and premiered a brand new show. I’ve started a new job (freelance but very regular), I’ve bought, moved into and started renovating a new house. I’ve run loads of workshops, talks and events. I’ve had a two successful funding applications (one for a very exciting new venture that I’ll be starting in the new year 👀). All whilst raising a very active toddler and dealing with all the personal shite that comes with being human.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, to show off, obvs.

But I also want to tell you that my physical and mental health is totally fucked from it all. My endometriosis is flaring up more and more and my anxiety is all over the place. All of these achievements are great, but really quite pointless if I’m not healthy and happy enough to enjoy them.

I’m really done with basing my value on my productivity. I’d like to stop being so knackered all the time and give more value to fun, rest, wellness and little bits of joy.

So my aim for 2023 is to be less fucking productive. To achieve less, or more to see achievement differently. Here’s to more afternoon nap cuddles on the sofa and less trying-to-fit-in-a-meeting at nap time. 🍻🎊😘

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