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You can't have it both ways

I wrote a blog when I was pregnant called ‘Don’t Call Me Mamma’ about how I was sick of people thinking that now I was pregnant I didn’t have any other interests and had entirely lost my personality. This is obviously still a thing now I have a baby; I am still me and I still want to have conversations about politics and art and penises and getting pissed.

However, I also really want to talk about my baby. Of course I do. He’s the best thing in the world. I made him inside me and now I spend 24 hours a day looking after him. I don’t want to be pigeonholed into being one of them women that only talks about their baby, but I also really want to talk about this huge lifechanging experience I’m going through. I can’t have it both ways though, can I? Well, why the fuck not?

WOMEN ARE NUANSED. Stop portraying them as either down trodden mothers who argue about PTA meetings or cold bitches who shouldn’t have had kids. I want to sit and sing nursery rhymes in a circle and talk to other mums about how often their baby poos but I also want to stand on stage and tell jokes about getting pink eye from a strippers dick. I want to tell you that my baby has started doing this really cute thing where he babbles but I also want to tell you about a book I read that made me think differently about politics.

When a woman talks about her baby, don’t roll your eyes. This woman who you are now assuming is ‘boring’ is raising the next generation. She has grown and birthed life. Tell me what you have to talk about that is more interesting than literally making a person. Tell me you’re bored of my baby pictures while you show me the millionth picture of you in a night club toilet. Tell me I can’t complain about being tired because I chose to have a baby while you complain about how you have to work weekends in the job you chose to apply for.

Women are made to feel like we have less to us once we have a baby. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Our lives and bodies and minds have been changed in unimaginable ways. But, sorry if I’m going on about it, please tell me again about that guy you met that hasn’t text you back. God, I want to end the blog there but THE THING IS I WANT TO HEAR THE STORY ABOUT THE GUY, I JUST WANT YOU TO HEAR MY STORY TOO.

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